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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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area. we do have a reporter on the scene, christian kaplan is there. we will go to him in just a few minutes to get late details on the situation here. we learned late today southwest plane problems may soon spread to other airlines. late this afternoon, we learned the faa is drawing up an order for emergency inspections on 80 boeing 737s, like the one that prompted southwest to cancel flights across the country. ktvu's john sasaki live at oakland international airport where some passengers are still struggling to take off. john. >> reporter: it is day 3 after that near disaster in mid-air and things seem to be returning to normal here for southwest passengers. but that directive from the faa prompted southwest airways to put out this e-mail today which says that any additional inspections will not affect their operations most likely because all those planes have already been inspected. it's taken days but oakland airport not nearly as problematic as it was immediately after friday's near
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disaster. eight total flights cancelled inbound and outbound of a smattering of delays because of the inspection of older 737s. >> southwest is definitely working to get those inspections completed and the reports are showing that they expect to complete the inspections by tomorrow so things are definitely improving. >> reporter: it's about time for this woman whose flight home to los angeles last night was cancelled. >> i have to work today so, you know, i work at nights, so now i only have like three hours to do what i needed to do because actually my flight was supposed to leave at 8:30 and then they pushed it back to 11:00 and, you know, it's a hassle. >> reporter: most travels we -- travelers we met seem to have avoided major such problems but this recent string of emergencies have some travelers a bit anxious. >> a little bit. you know, making sure everything is safe. it's like okay check all these planes out and make sure they are sound. >> and then i was reading, they found three more planes with cracks and different things so i said okay, i'll take the hit.
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as long as i get there. >> reporter: that e-mail from southwest airlines says despite the faa's order, operations should be back to normal tomorrow. live at oakland airport, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. experts say that cabin air pressure stresses may be to blame for the rip in the roof of that southwest 737. it happened on what's called a lap joint between sheets of aluminum. changes in cabin pressure likely increased stress on that joint. every time an airliner climbs, air pressure pushes out from inside the cabin and then relaxes on descent. that's called a cycle. records show the jet had 39,000 cycles which industry experts say is an unusually high number. at 6:15 tonight david stevenson will be live at sfo where passengers from that flight are now arriving after their long ordeal. a guilty plea not expected this thursday from the man charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. nancy garrido's attorney says
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phillip garrido will plead guilty and agree to spend the rest of his life in prison. the attorney also says nancy garrido will go to trial unless she gets a better plea deal. a secret audiotape purportedly between barry bonds' former business manager and doctor is adding a new twist to his perjury trial. steve hoskins testified two weeks ago that he has recordings of him discussing bonds' steroid use with dr. arthur 10 but he couldn't find the tape. ting denied that any such conversations took place during his testimony. prosecutors say hoskins located a tape yesterday but it is unknown exactly what is on that tape. judge susan illson will have to decide whether it can be admitted into evidence. if it is admitted it could be a blow to the defense. the judge postponed today's testimony because a juror called in sick. late this afternoon a change among the jury pool in the chauncey bailey murder trial. rob roth was in the courtroom today as the confessed gunman recounted why he turned back to fire a third and final shot.
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rob. >> reporter: here at the alameda county courthouse, a juror was removed and we are learning why. the juror works at fairmont hospital. he learned bailey's brother was there so he dismissed him as testimony resumed. speaking in a casual manual, broussard said he walked up to chauncey bailey and without saying a word, shot him twice and then shot him again. the prosecutor asked why. broussard answered to make sure he was dead, three times would have made for certain he wasn't supposed to live. crumb, according to who? broussard, according to youssef bay. sitting in a courtroom were bailey's relatives. >> to watch him up there was hard and devastating. >> reporter: broussard claims youssef bay the fourth ordered him to kill bailey because of embarrassing articles that journal -- the journalist was writing about the bakery. >> bottom line is that i think
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he was a [ indiscernible ] and we will see what happens. >> reporter: broussard has also indicated bakery member antoine macky who is also on trial. the jury saw video of bakery employees doing paramilitary drills. broussard approached bay i asked why did he tell on me. he said everybody can't go down for that. the defense has called broussard a liar and on cross- examination defense attorney asked so it was everybody else's fault? broussard, i take responsibility for what i did. broussard acknowledged he was willing to cut a deal with the district attorney in exchange for his testimony. under that deal, broussard's sentence would be reduced to 25 years in prison. after the jurors' dismissal, defense attorneys moved for a change of venue but the judge denied it. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> has a special section dedicated to the chauncey bailey murder trial including video of broussard's
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confession to the killing. the could contra costa county coroner identified a young man. he is 19-year-old cameron platt of concord. platt was walking at about 5:00 a.m. yesterday morning when he was hit. none of the drivers is under investigation for hit-and-run. police say at this point it's not clear why platt was in the roadway. only on 2 tonight, san francisco police have arrested two men accused of going on a $40,000 shopping spree using stolen credit cards and fake i.d.s. these are some of the items police found in the suspects' hotel room along with $6000 in cash. they include such high end brand names as gucci and louis vuitton. investigators say the two suspects hit a number of stores but that their luck ran out when clerks at sacks fitting avenue -- saks fifth avenue became suspicious and called security. >> they were arrested on saturday and then yesterday we did a search warrant on their
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hotel room and found more evidence, more merchandise that they had purchased using fake credit cards. >> police have identified the suspects as 33-year-old leonardo danielle of national city and 33-year-old oscar guera of tijuana. the list of companies continues to grow in connection with the major security breach which has put e-mail addresses of customers in the hands of hackers. the marketing company epsilon which handles 40 billion customer e-mails on behalf of major companies says its database was hacked last week. the companies are warning customers that their e-mails are subject to spam and fishing attacks. here are a few companies affected by the security breach at epsilon. they include capital one, citigroup, jpmorgan chase, best buy, marriott rewards and the grocery company kroger. it is on, president barack obama today filed paperwork for his reelection campaign with the federal election commission. >> kind of nervous about it, like it's coming.
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here it is, 2012, the election. >> i think it needs to reflect the changes that we have seen in the last 2 1/2 years. >> and then we had an underdog senator. >> the president began his bid for reelection in 2010 by releasing this campaign video on his website. the filing allows him to begin fundraising. a campaign insider says their aim is to raise $1 billion. the bay area is considered an obama stronghold. will president obama garner the same support next time around? answers from experts and the average voter on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. back now to our top story, that large rally that is going on in downtown san francisco, there you see pictures of it live from news chopper 2 specifically this area very close to the hyatt regency on the embarcadero, that is where california and market street come together, there is also a cable car turnaround there. ktvu's christian kaplan is live on the ground in the middle of
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that protest with more on what's happening. >> on market street. live look out here so you can see the crowd out here on market street. you can see traffic has closed down going eastward on market street as you can imagine, this is creating major traffic snarl in this area. organizers estimate this crowd at about 1500 people. they arrived here in the market street area at the foot of market just about 25 minutes ago. first they took over the intersection at california and drum, then marched over here to california and spear. as you might imagine, i said earlier traffic out here has become a complete gridlock. you notice the san francisco police officers out here managing the crowd, keeping them to one lane and in just about the last five minutes or so bus traffic has resumed going westbound into the city. now, if we turn to the right, we can start to look over here and we can see that there is a rather large contingent of san francisco police officers here who are keeping an eye again on the scene. they are also blocking the street here trying to again
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manage that crowd. chonner -- chopper 2 is also overhead. it has been tracking it crowd. again, that crowd actually started these union members met right about 5:45 at 555 california, began marching through the streets of san francisco and they wound up here again at the foot of market just about 25 minutes ago. those marchers organized today as a day to show support for labor. they say that they feel labor has been under attack, they say that bills passed in ohio and in wisconsin prove that basically curtail collector bargaining rights prove that collective labor and organized labor is under attack. now, again, they picked today because it is the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of dr. martin luther king. for those who don't remember, king was assassinated in memphis and he was in memphis at the time supporting the local sanitation workers who were on strike at the time. they say that shows that this
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issue over civil rights and the issue of collective bargaining rights are intimately tied again, they say that they feel that the middle class is under attack. they say that they feel that they need to make sure that they maintain the collective bargaining rights and they also hold onto the pensions and benefit rights they have. we will continue to monitor the situation out here. for now we are live in san francisco, christian kaplan, ktvu channel 2 news. a vehicle perk enjoyed by many state legislators is getting a closer look. every year california spends about $1 million on vehicles, gas and maintenance for lawmakers. it is a fraction of the state's budget. but the chairman of the citizens compensation commission tells the sacramento bee the vehicle perk seems excessive. the committee is considering moving to a reimbursement model based on miles driven. a group of teenagers called on lawmakers to stop tobacco companies from manipulating young people. the teens are from the california youth advocacy
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network. they say tobacco companies are using such things as smokeless tobacco packets and sweetish snuff as marketing tools to get young adults hooked on nicotine. tobacco companies did not comment on today's protest. california's insurance commissioner wants to take on the biggest names in health care, the power he wants to reject future rate hikes. and could arizona's controversial immigration law be headed here? the new move to crack down on illegal immigrants. on the heels of a record warmup this afternoon, a big, big cooldown underway. we will take a look at the who is expected to be 10 degrees cooler than by tomorrow afternoon and when you may need the umbrella coming up.
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backers of a controversial immigration bill similar to
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arizona's gathered today at the state capitol in sacramento. supporters include tea party members who showed up waving signs saying stop illegal immigration. the bill would require law enforcement offers to verify citizenship of people suspected of being in california illegally. it would also end sanctuary city policies and impose sanctions against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. the author of arizona's bill says california cannot ignore the immigration problem. >> illegal is not a race. it's a crime and it affects every one of our families and our neighborhoods. you can't ignore what's coming across that border. >> opponents of the measure staged a counter protest nearby. the bill faces its first hearing tomorrow in the assembly judiciary committee. tonight we are hearing firsthand the frightening experience of passengers aboard a plane bound from new orleans to san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson live at sfo. you just spoke with passengers who touched down just minutes
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ago. david. >> reporter: that's right. they landed -- the passengers of united flight 4987 landed here at sfo about an hour and 10 minutes ago. they are here after a harrowing incident minutes after they left new orleans airport at about 5:00 a.m. pacific time this morning. the pilot of the air bus a320 reported smoke in the cockpit and instrument failure but he was able to guide the plane back to the airport for an emergency landing. the plane blew a tire as it landed and ran off the runway, 100 passengers and five crew members used emergency slides to evacuate. no injuries were reported by the airlines. the passengers were put aboard another plane that arrived in san francisco at about 5:05 and they shared with us their stories of the experience. >> we took off immediately felt like a struggle. it was pretty clear the captain didn't have full capacity to control the plane. >> the takeoff was actually smooth and fine, but once we got in and over the lake, unfortunately, it felt like the plane was lurching, so the
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pilot would power it up and then power down, power up, power down, so it felt like it was actually floating. >> it was eventually, i think when we are going down that i seen the water and the houses, that's when it sort of started sinking in this is real. >> i started praying because it seems things have been going wrong. i did have to warn her that we were going to hit. we were coming in fast and i could tell it was going to be a pretty big bump. >> reporter: those passengers aboard united 497 shared with us these pictures of the plane on the tarmac. the federal aviation administration is investigating the incident and we will have more of these passengers' stories coming up tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 10:00. for now reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the golden gate transit district is looking to close some of its $89 million shortfall by raising fares. depending on the bus route, adult fares could increase almost $3 by 2015. tickets for the salts athlete toe and -- salts sausalito and
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larksburg ferries could go up. a $25 million effort to get marin county residents out of their cars appears to be working. according to a new survey of the number of people bicycling on weekdays increased 46% in the past four years. the county is one of four areas nationwide receiving federal monies part of a pilot program. it's used the funds on bike paths, road improvements and outreach. no complaints today. boy, the weather out there outstanding. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off but rosemary orozco is filling in tonight and, wow, what a day. >> so incredible. we broke records in some areas, giving you a look at what's happening out there. plenty of blue sky, ridge of high pressure overhead and, well, it's changing. we are watching this ridge begin to push off to the east but not before breaking a record in santa rosa this afternoon, 80 degrees. who else broke a record today? areas around napa, 77 a new record there, concord as well as hayward saw records, 78
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mountain view as well as santa rosa but we had to warm -- san jose but we had to break into the 80s. take a look at this, westerly breeze at the airport, san francisco 21 miles per hour, westerly breeze in oakland now 13 miles per hour. nell between 10 and 15 -- northwesterly between 10 and 15. this is a switch. earlier today the northeasterly offshore breeze helping to really warm us up, westerly, southwesterly wind in santa rosa 12 right now and napa reporting nine. it is it -- this is the beginning of the big changes expected as we move through the evening hours and more so for tomorrow. northwesterly wind in concord a light breeze and still an east- northeasterly in livermore, 6 miles per hour at this time. so this ridge of high pressure again beginning to push off to the east. it's a system that will pull in from the gulf of alaska, bring us cloud cover, cool us down but won't bring us rain. take a look at our forecast. by tomorrow morning, this onshore flow could bring us low clouds to the coast, we could
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see a little bit of fog in the morning hours and by 9:00 or so we have got clouds over the north bay. it will continue its trek south throughout the afternoon and in through the afternoon the peninsula, the east bay beginning to see it by about 1:00. takes most of the day before san jose turns mostly cloudy and then into the evening hours we will begin to shift to mostly clear once again. i'm going to roll you through it because wednesday looks mostly clear, breezy, the onshore flow is going to continue to increase but it's this system here that will really cool us back and even bring us a chance for some scattered showers. we are over the sierra by wednesday evening, we are turning cloudy by wednesday evening and then by thursday morning this begins to slide into our area. so for thursday you may need that umbrella and it is going to bring some very cold air with it. temperatures expected to range in the 50s, that's when we bottom out on thursday and could bring us some low snow levels so a cooling trend underway. we have got by tomorrow sitting in the 60s and low 70s, mild for this time of year, seasonal for this time of year. by wednesday we are slightly below average and then as we move into thursday, really
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cool, for tonight, 40s and 50s in your forecast, tomorrow the overall highs, santa rosa could dip by five, even 10 degrees, upper 60s for santa rosa in the afternoon, upper 60s in areas right around mountain view as well as san jose and then again the changes coming by thursday. friday we begin to dry out and the weekend looking dry. our temperatures will be seasonal sitting in the 60s for the afternoon. >> okay. thank you, rosemary. >> you're welcome. democrats in sacramento are pushing a bill to give the state the power to reject health insurance rate hikes. >> what we do here would either be a catalyst for major reform to put a stop to skyrocketing health insurance costs or an object lesson. let it be the rolemodel for the country. >> the insurance commissioner already has the authority to curb car and homeowner insurance rate increases. the bill would give him and the state department of managed care that power over health insurance as well. opponents say the bill is another example of california medaling with businesses and more competition could bring
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rates down. assembly's health committee discusses this bill tomorrow. we are monitoring developing news in san francisco where protesters are blocking traffic. more live pictures when we come back.
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live pictures once again from downtown san francisco, specifically the intersection there of california and market street, a large protest for labor rights and also for dr. martin luther king's birthday. we are going to continue to follow this story. we will have more on this coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 and on the 10:00 news. our sports director mark ibanez joins us now with good news for bay area basketball fans. >> he's such a great guy. too bad the warriors haven't kept him involved in their organization. chris mullen, one of the outstanding talents ever to grace their uniform is now an official member of the basketball hall of fame. five time all star during his nba career had the sensational all american career when he was in college with st. john's years ago, got that sweet left- handed shot. early this morning, he was awakened with a phone call. >> what i found out the last few years i was a finalist. i was in my -- that was in my
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mind a great accomplishment. totally satisfied with that, i was so happy, he called early, early west coast time and woke me up and i actually went back to sleep but i slept with a big smile on my face. i really did. >> you bet he did. hey tara advanced severe -- vandaveer is also going to the basketball hall of fame. built a great stanford women's basketball program over the years. as you would imagine maybe small consolation after the heart breaking loss to the cardinals sustained at the hands of texas adam last night and they do not -- amber lee last night and -- a&m last night and they do not have a chance to win the national championship. the as and giants both off and back at it tomorrow but that's the sporting life. >> i got so close. >> i really thought, you know, when the -- i just thought they had it made, i'll tell you that especially with uconn having lost, you figured that was the
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clear cut path and it didn't work out. >> thanks, mark. see you back here at 10:00. and that is our report for tonight. >> a quick correction. i misspoke a moment ago saying it was dr. martin luther king's birthday. it was actually 43 years ago that dr. martin luther king was assassinated. my apologies there. have a good evening, everyone.
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